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Glaub' an dich, dann kannst du alles erreichen!
Du findest hier vor allem viel kreatives und allgemeines aus dem Leben einer einfachen Schülerin ^^

This Moment

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

This moment

This moment, as we randomly walked into each other and you apologized for a mistake I made.

This moment, as it was you and not my best friend calling me.

This moment, as you were standing in front of my door gazing at me with your beautiful eyes.

This moment, as our hands touched in the popcorn.

This moment, as you were holding my hand the whole time until we were standing in my door.

This moment, as you kissed me under this tree at midnight while the stars and the moon were smiling down at us.

This moment, as you were falling on your knees right in front of me.

This moment, as my dad puts my hand in yours and you lifted my veil.

This moment, as I was screaming at you in the hospital while you were still holding my hand.

This moment, as our daughter made her first steps, said “daddy,mommy” for the first time.

This moment, as we met her first boyfriend.

This moment, as we were taking pictures of her with her collage degree.

This moment, as I watched you taking her to the altar, just like my dad did it with me.

This moment, as the message that our grandchild will come soon, arrived us.

This moment are those I won't forget..” said the woman, standing in front of the grave of her dead husband.
She places a rose next to a candle and left.
She never forgot about this moments, and one day she got buried next to her husband.
Her daughter also created moments like this, so the story can go on and on.

~This moment~
by Vanessa Haupt

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