Ich bin nur eine von vielen, jedoch ist selbst ein kleiner Tropfen im Meer immerhin ein Tropfen im Meer.
Glaub' an dich, dann kannst du alles erreichen!
Du findest hier vor allem viel kreatives und allgemeines aus dem Leben einer einfachen Schülerin ^^


Montag, 22. Oktober 2012


You make me forget anything.

You make me feel like an important person.

You are my sense, my sense why I am breathing, why I am actually living.

You don't need huge words to make me smile. A kiss is already enough.

You are my reason, why I still carry on, and always will, until you say goodbye, because without You I am nothing.

You have no idea how much I adore you.

You don't know that I wish we could be together for ever.

You don't know that, when I see you, the world stands still and you become everything I see.

I love you.
You are my world, the only thing I would die for.

~dedicated to the wonderfullest person I know, my love<3~

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