Ich bin nur eine von vielen, jedoch ist selbst ein kleiner Tropfen im Meer immerhin ein Tropfen im Meer.
Glaub' an dich, dann kannst du alles erreichen!
Du findest hier vor allem viel kreatives und allgemeines aus dem Leben einer einfachen Schülerin ^^

Your ghost - A memory

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Na ihr:)
Mal wieder ein kleines poem, viel spaß! <3
lg Vany

Your ghost – A memory
by Vanessa Haupt

I felt this warm breeze and a gently sense of roses in the air. He is here.
I turned around – looking into his dark, deep brown eyes. He smiled.
I looked down at the roses in his hands and I had to smile too.
He moved his face near to mine and kissed my head.

- Cold,empty -

The words to describe that touch.
I shook my head and closed my eyes. “It is all just a memory, he is … gone.”
My hands were shaking. I opened my Eyes – finding myself at the cemetery.
I look down. There he lays.
Waiting for the time to end.
I love you.” his voice was still in my mind. I fell on the ground looking at the candles and flowers next to his picture.
I love you – no matter what happens...for ever” tears were streaming down my face and I tried to stop them but I can't.
Why did you have to leave?” I whispered.
I'm not gone my love.”
Did he just answered?! I opened my eyes – seeing...him.
You..”I wasn't able to say just another word.
I'll be waiting for you.”
He moved onto me, and kissed my cheek, while floating through me...and disappear.
Yes – I will be there someday.
And I can't wait for it.
~Love through dead and life~

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